Why Clear Mascara?

Let’s look at this question again, shall we? Why use clear mascara?

There are far too many people that argue that clear means that there is nothing and therefore this product should not exist at all. Are they right?

I don’t think so. And not just because of the reasons to use clear mascara I gave last time.

Clear mascara has a right to exist the same way that a hair gel, or a clear wood finish do. Have you ever looked at an asphalt when after raining? Would you argue with the fact that the water is clear? Of course not. There is no color in our rain. Yet. Thankfully. But doesn’t the road look different? Of course it does. The watery film on the road changes the amount of reflection (how much light is reflected back) and angle of refraction of the light and things look darker. Same goes for wet hair, wet wood, and yes – wet lashes, which is exactly the point of clear mascara. To make lashes look like they do when they are wet.

A watery finish also gives volume and shimmer. It plays in the light. That is why a lacquered finish on a furniture is always at premium. And that is why a waxed floor always looks better than simple wood.

So think about clear mascara as a finishing touch for your lashes – a fitting trim to the deep magnetic eyes, amplifying and reflecting the light of your soul.

What is clear mascara used for?

What is the point of clear mascara? What is it used for? Do I need it? What does clear mascara do?

These are very commonly raised questions. Some people think that clear mascara is just an invisible gel that evaporates off your lashes and does absolutely nothing.

Sure, there are some quack products out there that don’t do anything. But a real clear mascara has tons of advantages. Here are just some of the ways to use clear mascara:

• Clear mascara gives lashes definition and separation without being obviously there. No wonder some men have been using it ;)

• It is indispensable for the natural look but with the benefits listed above.

• You can use it instead of waterproof mascara if you expect it might rain – if it smudges, no one will be the wiser.

• Clear mascara can be used to tame the eyebrows. Apply gently with a brush and then use your fingers to give the eyebrows desired direction. You can also use the small eyebrow brushes.

• If your regular mascara tends to smudge, you can apply a top coat of clear mascara to seal it (Clinique Naturally Glossy is popular for that).

• Use clear mascara after curling the lashes to hold the curl.

• If you only apply a darker mascara on the upper lushes, use clear one on the bottom. It won’t stand out as much as dark one would, but it also won’t be as disproportionately bare as going without any mascara.

If you have more tips, leave them in the comments!

Clear Mascara by Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale PureBrow Fix and Mascara is a clear gel. This product is cool because it has a double ended tube with mascara brush on one end and comb on the other. Thus the same product can easily be used to enhance dark lashes and to tame the eyebrows.

This product is all natural, from a very respected brand.

People love it for the perfectly groomed eyebrows it allows to achieve. But if you have really dark lashes and just want to give them a bit of sparkle, this clear mascara is perfect.

A little bit about the company:

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics is more famous for making pure mineral cosmetics. These have been very popular lately, and Iredale brand stands out for being the most natural and containing no nanoparticles. They are also a signer for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics was founded in 1994 and has been growing exponentially. It’s recommended by doctors and dermatologists even in cases where people’s faces are very sensitive, such as after plastic surgery.

Of course, this has not much to do with the clear mascara :) But it is nice to know that they bring their philosophy to all products. After all, when you apply clear mascara on your eyebrows or lashes it does come in contact with the skin as well.

Judging by the company’s website, this mascara is vegan – so it’s a safe bet for the animal lovers.

On the down site, it’s a bit pricey. You can expect to pay about $20 US for this gel.