Why Clear Mascara?

Let’s look at this question again, shall we? Why use clear mascara?

There are far too many people that argue that clear means that there is nothing and therefore this product should not exist at all. Are they right?

I don’t think so. And not just because of the reasons to use clear mascara I gave last time.

Clear mascara has a right to exist the same way that a hair gel, or a clear wood finish do. Have you ever looked at an asphalt when after raining? Would you argue with the fact that the water is clear? Of course not. There is no color in our rain. Yet. Thankfully. But doesn’t the road look different? Of course it does. The watery film on the road changes the amount of reflection (how much light is reflected back) and angle of refraction of the light and things look darker. Same goes for wet hair, wet wood, and yes – wet lashes, which is exactly the point of clear mascara. To make lashes look like they do when they are wet.

A watery finish also gives volume and shimmer. It plays in the light. That is why a lacquered finish on a furniture is always at premium. And that is why a waxed floor always looks better than simple wood.

So think about clear mascara as a finishing touch for your lashes – a fitting trim to the deep magnetic eyes, amplifying and reflecting the light of your soul.